After 11 years as a professional wedding photographer,
I am taking a break from this beautiful industry and art!
I am so honored that all of my clients and friends have entrusted me with the privilege of documenting your lives. Thank you. I am proud to have seen my work featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, Style Me Pretty, BRIDES, Seattle Bride Magazine, Seattle Met Bride & Groom, Wedding Chicks, published in a wedding planning book, and many more other lovely places.
I'll never stop photographing, but I am breathing lighter knowing that I can make photographs just for fun now, and focus more fully on something thats been beckoning at my heels for some time now.  I am excited for all the new creative opportunities to be explored more fully, and, frankly, for the chance to finally have a personal instagram... you know, one that doesn't have to be literally picture perfect, building a personal brand and portfolio!
Cheers to all that has been & all that is to come,
and thank you again for your care, love & support, all of these years,
xx Cozbi Jean

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"Sitting down to write a review for this amazingly talented photographer leaves one feeling daunted and inadequate.  I read once that in marriage, if troubles arise, one can always look back at the pictures of their wedding day to kindle the memory of why you married that person.  Of course, I am not anticipating marital distress, but that tip made me think that one of the most important, if not the most important, details of the wedding is to have a great photographer.  Someone who can capture the big moments, the tiny details and the feelings.  


But I also wanted an artist.  I wanted a person who could capture the day in the most beautiful light possible.  Cozbi did all of this and more.  Her pictures of our special day are pictures I display in my home without the fear of feeling like I'm doing a cliche gallery display of posed family photos.  


She went beyond taking beautiful photos.  Getting married in another country and blending  two cultures together in that one day proved to be a tad complex and with a few unanticipated events.  Cozbi was an absolute pro.  She stuck by my side the whole long day.  She was a comfort and a friend and a solid presence in the midst of many emotions.  She brought joy and humor and made us feel comfortable so that we could be ourselves in from of her camera.  I am eternally grateful to have shared that experience with her and to have it memorialized through her lense."



"Cozbi was vital to my dream day becoming a reality. When it comes to your wedding day, it's extremely important to have people around you that not only want your day to be perfect, but make you feel comfortable and important.


Cozbi quickly went from being our photographer to being a friend because she genuinely cared about my husband and I. She wanted our day to be exactly what we envisioned. It's hard to trust people with your wedding day, but I literally gave Cozbi complete control because I trusted her in every aspect from floral, to design to photography. She quite literally executed my wedding day to be like I had dreamed since I was a little girl." 


S E A T T L E ,   W A​

"Thank you for the beautiful wedding photos!
We have been looking through them all weekend and we really enjoy them. The family who couldn't be here for the intimate ceremony really appreciate the beauty
and the thoroughness. Ryan and I both appreciated the heartfelt note you sent as well. We wish you all the best and you will certainly have our recommendation to other couples in the future."


N O R T H   S H O R E ,   H A 

" I would absolutely recommend Cozbi to everyone I know!  I could not have been happier with my engagement and wedding photos. Cozbi and her team managed to capture our special day, in ways I couldn't have even imagined. She made everything beautiful, and captured every moment in such a special and romantic fashion. I felt so comfortable, they made my wedding day so stress free, and were so flexible! When I received the final edits of our wedding photos I was even more impressed and pleased than I ever could have dreamed!"


N E W   Y O R K ,   N Y ​

"We loved working with Cozbi.


We meet Cozbi at a friends wedding in Brooklyn where my husband Alex was DJing and instantly connected with her and her overall style:  professionally, personally and artistically. When we got engaged we knew who we wanted as our photographer.  She made the process easy and knew exactly what we wanted and executed perfectly. She exceeded our expectations!


I would highly recommend Cozbi and her team!


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Thank you greatly for contacting me!